The Female Cossacks Song & Dance Ensemble “Lyubo”
General Information

Olga CHADAEVA, Artistic Director
Igor MURZANAEV, Music Director
Nikolay AKUBAR, Choreographer

Big Concert Program in 2 Acts


2011–2012 Season

The “Lyubo” Ensemble is the only one professional artistic group studying and developing the female Cossack tradition in Russia today. The ensemble was founded in 1995 under the auspices of the Sochi Philharmonic by Olga Chadaeva, the renowned Kuban artist, graduate of Krasnodar Academy of Culture, and was originally made up of students studying at the Sochi College of Performing Arts.

The “Lyubo” Choir features 17 talented young performers. Of these, 11 beautiful young women play various musical instruments, sing masterfully and perform lively dances choreographed by Russia's renowned artist, Nikolai Kubar. The extraordinary energy of their performance is enhanced by strikingly luscious, vivid costumes designed from traditional clothing of the Line Cossack Host and Nekrasov Cossacks. This unique collection was developed by the talented artist Vera Ershova.

The ensemble's concert programs are brilliant folk performances that infuse unforgettable holiday spirit that's inimitable and unique to the Black Sea coast. Various programs have different themes. The “Carnival Carousel” program is devoted to the coming of spring and consists of ancient ceremonial sketches, magic incantations and pagan revelry. The “Lavish Party for Good People” program includes songs and dances of the Line Cossack Host and the Black Sea and Nekrasov Cossacks of Kuban, as well as those of the Don Cossacks and Terek Cossacks, which have been collected on folklore expeditions to Cossack villages and the countryside. And finally, our favorite, unforgettable, Soviet mass song in the program - “Once I Sailed the Sea.” These are well-known favorite melodies that are often sung in a group of friends, around the table or a campfire—the songs of times gone by. Many of “Lyubo”'s songs are unique, never before performed on stage. Their style is taken from authentic singing groups, of which there are so many in Kuban. Both traditional folksongs and modern treatments of old-time Cossack songs can be heard at the ensemble's concerts.

“Lyubo”'s concerts are invariably well-received in big cites and small towns throughout Russia and abroad. Most important milestones in the ensemble's history were its two triumphs: at the All-Russian Competition of Performing Artists in Leningrad in 1995, and at the “Ethnica 2003”, an international competition held in Moscow. The group impressed everyone with quality of performance and exceptional presentation of Cossack songs. At both of these competitions, Lyubo was a prizewinner among several dozen groups.

The ensemble has represented the city of Sochi three times at the Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk, Belarus (1996, 1997 and 1999). “Lyubo” is a sought-after guest in the smallest farmsteads and villages of Krasnodar region, as well as on the most prestigious stages of Russia: at the Kremlin Palace, Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, Rossia State Concert Hall, Gnesin Concert Hall, famous Music Hall, and many others. The group has performed for enthusiastic audiences in France, Sweden, Finland, Spain and Turkey, and has commendably represented the art of Kuban region at governmental meetings on the highest political level, performing more than once for the President of Russia and other heads of state, and receiving high praise from ministers of Russia and the Governor of Kuban, Aleksandr Tkachyov.


The Overseas Tours

France 1998
Germany 1998
Spain 1998
Croatia 1999
Slovenia 1999
Cyprus 2000
Estonia 2000
Lithuania 2000
Latvia 2000
Sweden 2001
Finland 2001
France 2002
Nederland 2003
Greece 2005
Turkey 2005
Spain 2006
Portugal 2006
China 2007
Sweden 2007

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